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Welcome to Buckeye Referral Club

About Buckeye Referral Club

We are a unique face-to-face networking group of Central Ohio businesspeople who meet Friday mornings at 9 AM. Our goal at is to help each other get opportunities for more business through qualified referrals. We also enjoy meeting people, making friends, and having fun.

Relaxed Format

Our meetings are simple but organized:

  • We only have one member per category
  • We do not have officers, although Troy Fabish of Keller-Williams Commercial/Fabish Group Realty is usually our chair aided by Robert Crouch of Health Markets
  • Meetings begin with a networking tip, followed by 60-second introductions. From there, we move to one 20-minute presentation by a member, then to referrals and finally share networking events that happen within the next two weeks or so
  • While we value regular attendance there are no “fines” for missing a meeting or other issues or bookkeeping reports and meetings are over by 10 AM

Benefits of Becoming a Member

The Group Dynamic

First, we are a welcoming and helpful group. Membership participation is excellent.

Once the group knows what a new member does and what a good referral is for them, it is virtually certain that the new member will start to get good, qualified referrals – where the referred parties will be expecting a call from the member

20-minute Presentation

Each member regularly gets a chance to give the group a clear idea of what the presenter does and why it would benefit others,

This is also a chance to polish presentation skills, try out new ideas or offers and get constructive from the group

Practice DOES make perfect


We are a fun group, and we enjoy interacting with each other. We move along on business, and don’t waste time, but there’s always room for enjoyment.

Our socials are great fun. They are always at cool spots and allow for group and individual enjoyment

How to Join Buckeye Referral Club

Guests are by invitation only.

To become a member, a guest must attend three meetings

The first two visits are to meet and greet with the group.

If you decided to join, a simple application will be submitted.

During the third visit, the prospective member does a 20-minute presentation on themselves, their business and what a good referral for them would be.

A member vote will be taken and if the members agree, the guest becomes a new member of Buckeye Referral Club!

Buckeye Referral Club dues $100 annual membership fee. Our membership fees pay for referral slips and food held at our social events held by the group.